Kurtz’s Mill Covered Bridge in Winter

 Covered Bridge at Lancaster County Park

On a very snowy morning, a few weeks ago I headed out to capture a few snow filled landscapes. Hoping that conditions were good for a seasonal winter covered bridge photo, Kurtz’s Mill was one of my first stops.

Upon arriving at Lancaster County Central Park, I drove down Kiwanis Road to capture Kurtz’s Mill Covered Bridge in the snow. Although I guessed that the road would be closed, I wasn’t expecting the walk to be as far as it was.

After parking my car in the small parking lot, I grabbed my camera and began my adventure to the bridge. In case you didn’t know, there are two entrances on either side of Kiwanis Road. Wouldn’t you know it that the side that I was on was the much longer walk. That was okay though. I needed the exercise.

I admit that I’m not used to walking a distance in the snow as we all know it is much easier walking on pavement, but I made my way to that historic bridge…slowly, and huffing and puffing as well. Did I mention that I took a few breaks along the way? (Much needed breaks at that!)

But taking a minute to take it all in, it was so beautiful, and peaceful. The winds were beginning to blow a little harder, but aside from all that, there was beauty all around me. God’s great earth is so amazing isn’t it?

Just when it seemed that I would never reach my destination, at last, I saw the red markings of the covered bridge.. A few more minutes, and I was there!

It was actually a good thing that the road was closed to cars. It’s the only time you can walk through this bridge without car traffic.

When I was at this bridge during the fall a few years back, I photographed it with the wooden posts leading to the historic icon. My plan was do use a similar composition, but a winter scene.

If you view it in a larger size, you can actually see tiny snowflakes falling. (Click the image to view it larger.)

Well, that’s it for this blog post. Stay tuned for next week’s photo story featuring colorful blooms! (In the middle of winter? Oh Yeah!)

Thanks and Blessings,

Cynthia L Sperko



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