Cabin Fever? Go to Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens Flowers

Stir crazy was the mood you could say I was feeling. It was only mid January and I longed for an outing. A photo outing that is. There was no snow on the ground, and the skies were overcast. Landscapes were out of the question.

However, I could spend part of the day at beautiful Longwood Gardens.

The drive from Marietta to Longwood Gardens was about one hour and fifteen minutes. I also wanted to stop for lunch along the way.

In the historic town of Strasburg Pennsylvania there is a fairly new eatery named Java Junction. As the name would have it, they serve many varieties of coffee. Not my drink of choice as I have never enjoyed anything coffee flavored, but burgers were on their menu.

I love burgers!

But seeing that most of these fine beef patties were 1/2 pound portions, I opted for their chicken salad croissant, which was very good. (They also give you four different potato chip choices when you order a sandwich.)

After that very fine meal, I was off to my destination to capture (once again) Longwood’s beautiful flowers.

Upon getting my ticket, I made my way to the conservatories. Upon entering the huge establishment, the warm fragrance of the array of delicate flowers lingered in and around the garden pathways. The colorful blooms welcomed me like a ray of sunshine.

Which brings me to the photo of the Red Hibiscus. This image was one of my favorites from the outing.

The light entering the flower is coming in from the side, and the background is clean. The delicate red petals reveal texture. Going back to red subjects, the color red prevails once again.

Thank you for allowing my photography and their beautiful stories to be a part of your world. I truly appreciate your loyalty and continued support!

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Thanks and Blessings,

Cynthia L Sperko

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